In the News: Small, volunteer-run grocery store looks to provide food to distant community

Healthy People Coalition NAAF

February 2, 2018

Courtesy of the Healthy People Coalition (HPC)

Gu Vo- For people who live in isolated communities on the Tohono O’odham Nation, running to the store for a jar of mayonnaise or a loaf of bread is not an option, so the community of Gu Vo with the help of a local non-profit organization opened a small grocery store to save the community’s members the hours-long drive they normally would have to make.

The business is called The Store, and it is stocked with groceries and dry goods. It has been operating for a couple of months already, but it had a grand opening on Jan. 13.

The organizations that helped the Gu Vo community start the small business are the Native American Advancement Foundation and the Healthy People Coalition. According to the store’s operators, the goal of the new business is pretty basic–it is an effort to address the need for access to food.

The Store is a non-profit business that is run by volunteers and interns, and it also serves as a resource for job training, according to the operators.

The Jan. 13, grand opening was festive, and was attended by Tohono O’odham Nation Edward D. Manauel and Gu Vo District Chairman Rodrick Manuel. Also on hand was the Gu Vo District royalty contingent.

Proceeds from the sale of groceries and merchandise at The Store will help maintain its inventory and service, and any profit will be channeled to educational programs that are offered in Gu Vo District.


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