September is National Suicide Prevention Month!

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The National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services in Health and Health Care (The National CLAS Standards) is used by providers to improve health care quality and advance health equity by establishing a framework for organizations to serve the nation’s increasingly diverse communities.

September is National Suicide Prevention Month (#SMP20) and National Suicide Prevention Week is September 6 – 12, 2020. The American Association of Suicidology believes we need to focus on suicide prevention every day, of every year. And we can do this by continuously spreading awareness, advocating for research funding, developing innovative and effective treatment tools, being kind, and helping to educate others on things like resources and warning signs. It’s time to get involved, but not just this week and not just the month. It’s time to make #AAS365 a priority. And it’s time to make our efforts count.

For 2020, we want to know what Suicidology means to you. Does it mean connection? Does it mean an increased focus on a particular kind of research? Does it mean creating a life worth living? We want to hear from you – send us your videos, songs, art, drawings, poems, essays – however you can express what Suicidology means to you – and we’ll post your creations online. Post on social media what Suicidology means to you and use the hashtag #aas365 or #suicidologyis and we’ll make sure to share your content.

Visit for all your September (and beyond) resources. We feature an updated calendar of national AAS-related activities, including Facebook Live conversations with experts all across the globe, documentary screenings, social media events, and more. Make sure you let us know about your local activities so we can add those to the site, as well!

You’ll also find tools to help you nail your local efforts – templates and guides on how to create press releases, write op-eds for your local paper, ways to feature your research, government proclamations and other grassroots efforts. We’ve also updated our library of shareable social media graphics. You’ll have everything you need to let folks know what Suicidology means to you and to make a massive impact every single day.

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