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The 2018 Statewide Prevention Needs Assessment was a systematic process to collect and analyze information to describe the prevention needs of Arizona. This assessment is a practical tool that will allow community planners, stakeholders and coalitions, in collaboration with local and State governments, to identify the levels of risk and protective factors operating in their communities that are predictive of substance use and/or misuse and related behaviors. This information can then be utilized by these groups to assist with reducing substance use and misuse risk factors, while enhancing protective factors to positively affect behavior(s). This information can be utilized to inform policy and program planning, allocation of funding, and guide the statewide strategic prevention plan. In addition, this assessment can provide clarity on current prevention programs across the State to better identify the gaps in available services and resources. The needs assessment included a four-pronged evaluation initiative divided in secondary data analyses, primary data collection and analyses, the collation of a community substance use prevention inventory, and the conduction of a statewide substance use prevention workforce survey. The overall purpose of the needs assessment was to explore the following four main questions:

1. What are the current substance use issues in Arizona by region and subpopulation?
2. What substance use prevention programs are active in Arizona?
3. What are the causes for using and/or abusing substances in Arizona?
4. What are the recommendations for the future of substance use prevention in Arizona?

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