Older Adults: Register for the WISE program hosted by PCOA

BeMedSmart Pima Council on Aging

Are you 60 or older and looking for an opportunity to learn how to stay healthy and meet new people?

Join us, and bring a friend!

The WISE Program is a substance misuse prevention and wellness program targeting older adults created by the New Jersey Prevention Network (NJPN). WISE promotes health through six education sessions that address high-risk behaviors in older adults.

It is designed to help older adults celebrate healthy aging, make healthy lifestyle choices and avoid substance abuse. The program is once per week for 6 weeks. Each of the six lessons is about two hours in length.

The program’s interactive lessons provide valuable educational services to older adults on topics including health and wellness, medication use, stress management, depression and substance abuse.

  • Learn about the aging process and ways to make healthy lifestyle choices
  • Celebrate this exciting stage of life and all the benefits that come with it
  • Discuss life choices that may impact your health
  • Examine how alcohol, prescription and over-the-counter medications affect older adults differently, and ways to avoid problems
  • Learn a variety of simple tools to help you feel more confident about managing your health and being an important partner in the healthcare you receive

Program materials and incentives will be provided.

Pre-registration by Tues. Feb. 13th is required. Call Pima Council on Aging (PCOA) at 305-3425 for more information and to register.

WISE recruiting flyer for PCOA Feb. 2018 Ellie Towne

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