Be Med Smart Website addresses issues of medication misuse and abuse in older adults

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Pima Council on Aging has developed a website to address the issues of medication misuse and abuse in older adults. It provides a wide range of information that can be valuable to anyone caring for themselves or older adults . Many of us are not aware of how easily medication mismanagement can occur. Accidental posionings are increasing for seniors. When someone is taking prescription drugs, along with over the counter meds and vitamins adverse reactions are common.

The site also provides videos and tips for improving communications with health care providers to reduce the complications of mismanagement. These are available in English and Spanish.

Visit the website:

Be Med Smart about managing prescription drug, over the counter medication, vitamin and supplement use. Safe disposal and storage of all medications will protect loved ones and our environment!


Join Be Med Smart for our monthly coalition meetings where we learn from professionals, health care providers, and older adults about issues in Pima County.

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