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Presenter Marcella Wilson, Phd, brings a new paradigm of understanding and response, treating poverty as an environmentally based condition and not a character flaw. In her book, “Diagnosis Poverty”, she describes Transition To Success (TTS), which was recognized as a Clinton Global Initiative.

Transition to Success (TTS) promotes the first evidence based standards of care and analytics to directly treat the condition of poverty. By assessing and responding to social determinants of health and holding the existing and funded delivery system accountable, the complex network to support at-risk consumers is harnessed. TTS is a client-centered, community-based, measurable system of care with statistically significant outcomes in 5 independent evaluations.

Marcella Wilson, Ph.D., has more than 30 years of extensive experience in healthcare administration, not-for-profit management, behavioral health, criminal justice and public sector programming. Her life’s work is dedicated to developing a national standard of care that changes the paradigm of understanding and response to the condition of poverty as a treatable condition, not a character flaw. This is the model for Transition to Success.

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