For release: 2018 End of Year Evaluation Report: Community Perceptions of Substance Use and Outcomes of Educational Activities

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Service providers and community coalitions throughout Southern Arizona under contract with Cenpatico Integrated Care, Inc addressed substance use and misuse among youth and older adults across four Counties in Southern Arizona. Results from data collected across two years, 2016-2018, are reported. Topics include:

  • Prevailing problems of substance misuse
  • Community perceptions of youth access to substances
  • Community awareness of messaging
  • Message effectiveness
  • Community perceptions of risk and harm associated wity outh substance use by youth
  • Where youth obtain substances
  • Medication misuse
  • Knowledge gains in community workshops and presentations around alcohol, marijuana, and Rx
  • Outcomes of Evidence Based Programs implemented by Service Providers

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Prepared for Cenpatico Integrated Care, Inc. by James Roebuck, PhD at Evaluation Research and Development (ERAD), Department of Nutritional Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Arizona.

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