Evaluation Research and Development (ERAD) from the University of Arizona was awarded a contract by Cenpatico to evaluate efforts to curb substance abuse among youth and older adults. Twenty-three coalitions from eight counties are involved in an extensive coordinated effort.

To determine outcomes a comprehensive evaluation using the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) is being conducted that includes the following components:

  • Community Surveys in English and Spanish
  • Paper and Online Surveys
  • Retrospective-Post community surveys administered at events
  • Detailed implementation plans for coalition work
  • Adolescent instruments administered pre and post-test
  • Coalition Assessments
  • Evidence Based Practices
  • Data Dashboards

To assist Providers an internal evaluation system has been developed with includes:

  • Real-time data reports
  • Outcome reports
  • Quarterly outcome summaries
  • Assistance with Logic Models

The evaluation is a founded on principles of inclusion, rigor, and creativity.

Cenpatico Evaluation Report FY2015-16

Learn more about ERAD: https://erad.arizona.edu

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