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Law Enforcement Agencies: Apply Today

CVS/pharmacy® is teaming up with The Partnership at Drugfree.org to create an innovative community donation program through which local police departments can apply to receive a drug collection unit to help their communities safely dispose of unwanted medications, including controlled substances.

Law enforcement drug collection programs help rid communities of unwanted medications that may otherwise be diverted, abused or contaminate our water supply.

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CVS/pharmacy®. The MEDICINE ABUSE PROJECT. The Partnership® at drugfree.org

The Medication Disposal
for Safer Communities Program

CVS/pharmacy recognizes the importance of removing unwanted, unused or expired medications from the community in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

The Woonsocket, Rhode Island Police Department was first in the nation to enroll in the CVS/pharmacy Medical Disposal for Safer Communities Program.
(L-R: Papatya Tankut, Vice President, Pharmacy Affairs; Thomas Carey, Woonsocket Police Chief; Lisa Baldelli-Hunt, Mayor of Woonsocket; Tom Davis, Vice President, Pharmacy Professional Services.)

We are committed to supporting law enforcement with their local efforts through
the following key programs:

1. Support Local Drug Take Back Events

CVS/pharmacy will commit a portion of its store parking lot to any law enforcement agency wishing to conduct a take back event in the community.

  • Many agencies have conducted drug collection events utilizing our locations. An example
    is the National Drug Take Back Day.
  • CVS/pharmacy stores are conveniently located with easy traffic access.
  • At the event location, CVS/pharmacy will promote community awareness of the event
    in the weeks leading up to the event date.

2. Promote Local Drug Disposal Collection Site Programs

CVS/pharmacy will help raise awareness of these permanent onsite
programs through customized in-store signage at the CVS/pharmacy store(s) in the area.

  • Signage will list the address of the collection site as well as days
    or hours of operation.
  • CVS/pharmacy will maintain ongoing posting of information
    until requested otherwise by the local law enforcement agency.

Care for Your

To launch these programs locally, members of local law enforcement agencies may contactour Professional Services Department:

Call toll-free: 866-559-8830

Or email: Safer_Communities@CVSCaremark.com

Please include:

  • Agency Name
  • Address
  • City, State, Zip Code
  • Contact Name and Title
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Contact Email
  • Program(s) of Interest
  • Address of specific CVS/pharmacy store location(s) being requested for National Drug Take Back Day
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