Coalitions in Action: Council Rock Coalition for Healthy Youth Utilizes Community Resources to Maximize Impact

“Keeping your coalition in the community conversation is an important part of coalition work”, saysDebbie Moskovitz, Program Director of the Council Rock Coalition for Healthy Youth Council Rock Coalition for Healthy Youth (CRCHY) based in Newtown, Pennsylvania. “We want our community members to think of us when they have questions about drug and alcohol-related issues, when they are in need of an educational presentation, or if they are looking to volunteer or donate to a good cause”, said Moskovitz.

The coalition, which serves the Council Rock School District in Bucks County, Pennsylvania has usedSAMHSA’s “Talk They Hear You” underage drinking prevention campaign for parents and caregivers as one way to get on their community’s radar and stay there. The campaign can be used throughout the year, provides diverse and quality materials and it is a great way to involve families with younger children. The program offers many updated resources for coalitions including a downloadable and interactive phone application for parents that helps them practice having conversations about alcohol with their children, professional TV PSA’s, promotional tools, and even a musical soundtrack.

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